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First impressions for Cyclone up. Stringing M2 now

I also have a question for those of you following: How do you feel about using a stiffer poly on the mains and a softer one on the crosses in a hybrid?

My reason being, I used to play with Pro Hurricane Tour/ Pro Line II @ 62 in my LM Rad Mids and I loved it. The control I got off the stringbed was fantastic. Needless to say, it destroyed my wrist but at the time it was great. Some time ago, I did something similar by accident when I strung my first "JET" method frame with Tourbite/ PL II Black. L-tec did a similar thing with the 0s/4s hybrid in that the mains exhibit an extreme hardness while the crosses are noticeably softer. Does using this stiff/hard with softer crosses pose any merit? I'm thinking of crossing some Iontec with PLII to try it out in hopes of replicating the feel
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