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Thought AVB did very well indeed at the press conference actually. That one short remark did stand out a bit, but in context and taking in the complete picture of what he said, well, he did absolutely fine IMHO.

He certainly came across as thoroughly at home and relaxed, as well as being somewhat commanding and professional. It was noticeable in the coverage I picked up they made a lot of him appearing at ease and being in his element, and in fact the whole occasion was slightly overtaken anyhow - rather than solely focus on AVB, seems the press were more interested and bowled over by the new training complex where the conference took place.

So, what with this stunning new training facility (and it's meant to absolutely state of the art, mega-impressive) now ready; new signings coming in; a young, new, progressive coach who really has a desire to prove himself, well, there is a certain excitement and momentum building at WHL right now.

Re Silva and Zlatan I, it's interesting to see PSG entering the dizzying, obscene levels of cash outlay more familiarly associated with Chelsea (and BTW I wish they'd stop hijacking our bloody deals!), and Man City (actually, who have they bought since the season ended?)... such a great and undervalued player (in the UK) too has been Zlatan...
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