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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Re Silva and Zlatan I, it's interesting to see PSG entering the dizzying, obscene levels of cash outlay more familiarly associated with Chelsea (and BTW I wish they'd stop hijacking our bloody deals!), and Man City (actually, who have they bought since the season ended?)... such a great and undervalued player (in the UK) too has been Zlatan...
Hijacking the Oscar deal? Well, Chelsea need that kind of player. We wanted Modric last year, you wouldn't sell at £40 Million (the price that they're struggling to get this time round). Oscar was lined up as a replacement for Modric at Spurs, so Chelsea went ahead and got a younger version of him instead

If Oscar was the one you wanted, surely you would of got him last year, or sold Modric already and have him signed by now? Sometimes it doesn't pay to keep players longer than needed. He has been on Chelsea's radar for awhile actually, it was AVB himself who said he wanted him and Chelsea have been working on it for around a year. I suppose you could say Tottenham coming in when AVB got the job was them hijacking it

PSG should have a great team next year, Sakho, Alex, Lugano and Silva at the back, Sirigu in goal, Pastore and Motta in midfield, Lavezzi, Ibrahimovic, Menez and Nene up top. They'll do some damage for sure, they could still possibly end up with Modric too, i'm sure he'll have second thoughts about saying he won't play there when he see's the signings they have made this summer.
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