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Originally Posted by Davis937 View Post
So, what kind of bike did you purchase? Oh, yeah, always assume that those cagers can't see you -- because, they really don't see you. Ride safe ...
Stop riding in our effing blind spots and you won't have a problem. Oh, and remember when I say blind spots I mean blindspots which correlate to your bike size. One thing riders seem to overlook is the fact that blindspots grow tremendously when the other object (you) is smaller than a car. Case in point, when you ride besides a car, stay even with the area just ahead of the driver door. Between the door and front fender. Stay there is possible or drop off completely behind the back of the car while remaining in your lane. It's not difficult, but I've seen too many bikers keep pace with cars in the wrong spot and then they blame those drivers for their silly mistake.
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