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Originally Posted by tball2day View Post
Ah, regarding #3, I am guessing junior or senior facing the reality of recruitment, and I understand your pain. Seems a dirty little secret when you find out the truth doesn't it? I see parents/players in shock at this point all the time. If it makes you feel better, virtually no 5 star or blue chip boys get a full ride and hardly a partial scholarship worth much if they go to the school they really want to either. They too have to settle for a school they otherwise wouldn't have chosen except for tennis to get a scholarship. I read the stats one year - two boys took/got a full, total, in the entire class.
This is the dirty little secret that would cost USTA hundreds of thousands

If you are a boy and intelligent, your odds for getting a full ride to a school you actually wanted is about the same as if you played basketball or football. Never believe that tennis will be a means for scholarship. If you are a boy, play for fun only. If you are truly talented, you could go all out and pay thousands of dollars and do the USTA grind. Then your chances of getting a scholarship full ride to a school you like may be slightly higher than if you chose basketball or football.

If you are a girl, and a top ranked player, the odds are that you are an excellent students as well. You will pay to play tennis at a school that you would have gone to anyway like Ivy League or a top private school.

There will be Forty scholarships at schools you might have wanted to go to. Many of these will be given to foreignors. So you branch out and look for any big name college in the US, so now you have another 25 spots. If you don t get those, then you re just settling for anything to play tennis.

This is the reality. In the end, ten years after you ve graduated from follege, you realize your skills are not much better than the high school basketball player that picked up a racket three years ago and plays in the 4.5 league. And you have a worse job than you would ve had if you never played junior tennis.

For about 150 AMERICAN girls or boys per class, a satisfying placement for college tennis will be found. The rest will realize they settled for less, or quit compleyely.

So the message is, play tennis for fun only unless you are gifted and shoot up into the top 100 without effort. Otherwise, just Learn fundamentals as a kid, and enjoy tennis as a 3.5-4.0 league player after you get a job...
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