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Originally Posted by barringer97 View Post
That is completely not true.

I am a parent and I played Division 1 tennis and coached for multiple years (and I'm 6'1" and white).

My child has a MUCH better chance earning a full ride in tennis than in football or basketball...that's for sure.
Facts are about full rides in mens college tennis:

1) There are only 4.5 scholarships for the men's team for tennis.

2) There is more scholarship money for football or basketball.

3) Most likely, the scholarship money for tennis will be spent on foreigners than Americans.

4) There is a trend in tennis for men's tennis( sorry, I don't follow womens), and the foreigners are increasing every year.

Folks, your son should play tennis for the love of the game.

There is no return on investment here. You will far outspend on tennis than any money that would come back through scholarships.

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