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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
So Terry has been found not guilty, like he ever was in the first place.

The case only went to court after a QPR fan saw the clip on youtube and reported it to the police, Ferdinand himself said he didn't hear Terry call him anything untill he saw the same clip. How did they really expect to find Terry guilty when nobody heard him say it? Not even the QPR players.

Ferdinand's genius plan for winning the trial was to say he abused Terry about his 'affair', which got to Terry and he snapped. As a Chelsea fan who goes to alot of away games, that insult is tame compared to what he receives every week up and down the Country, where he doesn't snap. People shout sick things about his family, about his kids etc.. He keeps on playing. One person saying he slept with his friends wife and he decides to be racist for the first time in his life? Ha.

I work in Law and if that case was worthy of going to court, well, the Country is in a real mess.
Interesting. My only query is the fundamental question of why did Ferdinand go through with it then? Why put himself through it all, unless he held a deep conviction he was indeed racially abused or whatever?
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