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Originally Posted by Ross K View Post
Interesting. My only query is the fundamental question of why did Ferdinand go through with it then? Why put himself through it all, unless he held a deep conviction he was indeed racially abused or whatever?
It was because a QPR fan reported it to the police, so the police thought they would take it to court and play the judge a bit of youtube footage, laughable really. Suarez didn't end up in court because no fan reported it.

Nice to see the FA treat Terry like he was guilty when there was no real evidence to support it, they stripped him of the captaincy, it ended Capello's time in charge, lead to Terry living with the tag of being a racist etc..

You can make anything look like you want it to out of context, what's to stop a Chelsea fan reporting Ferdinand this season for being racist to one of our players? A bit of grainy footage on the internet where someone could possibly of said something seems to be all it takes to get the racist tag these days.
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