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Originally Posted by ZeroSkid View Post
If there was an indoor grand slam would nadal still dominate Federer? I would say definitely, when it comes to the big events nadal has that extra gear to beat Federer, regardless of the surface.
Probably not.

Nadal is oviously dominant on the slower surfaces of FO and AO.

On the faster surfaces - well, no h2h at USO, and Nadal is 1-2 at Wimby.

Closest we have to indoor GS is WTF, and Nadal has fared poorly there. Partly because of the surface, and partly because of it being scheduled at the end of the year.

For the sake of argument, let's say AO and WTF were switched around in terms of schedule, and in terms of slam status. How would Nadal do against Fed at the beginning of the year on WTF courts with it having slam status? Well, I think he would do better than his record at WTF suggests, but Federer would still have the edge. Nadal would certainly not "dominate".
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