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Originally Posted by soyizgood View Post
An API score of 800 is the base score for the schools to attempt to achieve. Schools that score below it could either be put on NCLB list of under-performing schools or could be subject to that list if the score doesn't improve consistently. The principal of Palms Elementary said 2/3 of LAUSD schools fall under NCLB, including his. The school by me also falls under NCLB or "Program Improvement". My concern isn't so much that the home school falls under NCLB. I just don't like that this school bends over backwards to appease the 84% Hispanic demographic while leaving Blacks significantly behind and the others possibly marginalized.

LAUSD has school report cards, has details on schools and the API as well as CST results for various grade levels.

My home school's report card: here. Compare that to the school on the other side of my zip code: Here.

Not to mention English learners also outscored Blacks on your link. SMH... in fact Blacks score the lowest in the state. But you can see from my links that if they are put in a good school they perform comparably near the top.

It's class warfare when it comes to educating children. If you're poor, you have to go through many obstacles to get a quality education for your kids.
I believe the link I posted is an aggregate for the whole of California.

I just found it odd that the API for the socioeconomically disadvantaged/English learners was more or less on par with everybody else minus whites, asians, and filipinos.

Wouldn't that suggest that being poor isn't a big obstacle? Especially in cases where the poor are actually managing to score better. Or am I not understanding how API works?
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