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I have never worn a Babolat shoe that I thought was comfortable.

I have owned Nike 2k11, 3.3 ballistics, and now the vapor 9's. I have been happy with quality, comfort, and durability of all of them. BUT I do my research and understand the type of shoe I am buying so I am not someone who gets a shoe without a warranty and expect it to last 6+ months.

My rule is always buy shoes on sale, (if wearing as primary shoe) has 6 month warranty, and is comfortable.

I used to be a Barricade guy but the 6's were so dang narrow I moved over to Nike. Then I got a good deal on some Prince T22's and have fell in love with them. They are cheap <$70, very durable (last longer than barricades), and plenty wide for my clobber toe foot!!!
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