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Originally Posted by PhotoBlue View Post
Yeah those vapors are not bad at all for 4 months. You probably can wear them for at least another 2 at that rate.
Originally Posted by shell View Post
syke, I agree with breakpoint in that those shoes look GREAT for 4 months wear.

Personally, I think Adidas has better durability, but some think they feel like tanks on the feet. I somewhat agree with that, but they do last.

The old Nike Breath Free shoes were some of my favorite ever, but I've not worn Nike much since then.

Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
I think those Vapors look like they're in incredibly good shape after 4 months of use. I've worn Diadora shoes that looked worse than that after only 4 DAYS of use!
So do you guys reckon 2 hours a week, for 4 months, these shoes are holding up good?

I just wished Nike had used a harder more durable compound at those areas I have pointed out.
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