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Originally Posted by Feña14 View Post
The court came to the conclusion it was highly unlikely he called Ferdinand that, he was on film saying he did not use the words he thought he heard Ferdinand say. Fans were shouting things, Ferdinand was shouting abuse etc.. No players on the pitch or camera's show Terry saying anything racist, just denying that he had. Ferdinand admitted in court he didn't feel he was racially abused.

Ferdinand didn't feel abused, the only person in the stadium and at home who thought he was, was one fan sitting at home who thought he might of lip read something Terry said. That seems to be all you need to end up in court and be branded a racist, something is wrong there. If I asked for a beer in a noisy bar and a black person serving mistakes it for something else, i'd officially be a racist for the rest of my life, my career would be over and i'd lose £2,500 if Terry was found guilty. Even Ashley Cole, someone people see as not the sharpest tool in the box found it ridiculous to be going to court.

Suarez got charged for actually saying something, his defence was that he comes from a part of the World where it's common and more acceptable. I'm not really sure how they're the same, using the direct insult Suarez did on tape isn't the same thing as Terry, so shouldn't, and won't be treated the same. It appears both players are going to be charged with misconduct, Ferdinand for the abuse towards Terry, and Terry for.. well, i'm not quite sure, swearing probably. I guess that means 20 players a game will be charged next year if that's the precedent that's been set.
That sentence sentence there signifies why it's 'case closed' IMO, plus also why it should never have escalated as far an actual court case at all.
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