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Originally Posted by Wuppy View Post
Was in a match today against a pusher who stood back and hit slice backhands and forehands. 3 set match, he hit a grand total of 5 winners, one of which was a lob. All other points he got were either my double-faults or my other UEs. Beat him 6-1 in the first set, in the middle of the second set I became exhausted and he beat me 6-3 then he won 6-1 in the final set. I was so exhausted in the third that I couldn't remember the scores and double-faulted four straight times in the last game.

He said that in his previous match his wife came to watch and she counted a 45-shot rally he apparently had with another pusher. I guess they just stood back and hit slices to each other endlessly.

The only winners I hit off him were ones where I put it in the corners. Unfortuantely at 3.5 I'm not good enough to consistently hit corners and probably half the points I lost were hitting the ball slightly wide or long.

I find myself losing to this type of player a LOT. Obviously I need consistency but it seems like if you want to beat a pusher you really need to be better than he is by 0.5 or so. Two 3.5s going at it, one who's aggressive but not consistent and the other who is consistent but not aggressive.. the non-aggressive guy will win on the other's UEs. And clearly I don't have the stamina to stand there hitting 45-shot rallys with a-holes who hit forehand slices on every shot.

I mean really, what kind of man hits forehand slices regularly? Is that really something they're proud of? Hey honey, I beat this guy who was running me all over. I hit slices to him until the eventually missed his winning shots by 3 inches.

I think to myself, "What would Federer do to this guy?" Other than ace him repeatedly, Fed would start running him back and forth and then hit a 100mph forehand to the corner. I can't do that though.
If it was just slices that he hit from both sides I wonder why you simply did not hit a high moon ball either to his forehand or backhand and get to the net. If you do not know how to perform a nice high topspin ball, then you better should start learning.

You say you did not have the stamina. That makes him the fitter player, which means that he has worked more on his physique than you have. 5.0+ players have no shame in hitting slice shots if it works for them. Basically what you are saying that you can't win a match unless your opponent makes more UEs than you, which basically makes you a pusher in his eyes.

I am a fan of the forehand and backhand slice myself and I like to hit them against players who
A. Can't produce their own pace
B. Have an extreme grip
C. Who try to blast winners from the baseline

I can't obviously use it against players who build up their points wisely and finish the point at the net. On those occasions I usually keep the ball in play with heavy topspin and get to the net if such an opportunity arises. Trust me, you will see forehand and backhand slices at all levels. Good players will quickly figure out what your weakness is, and they are not afraid to play a "pushy" style if it wins them more points.

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