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Originally Posted by 1HBH Rocks View Post
I thought you'd knew it, but you define a player as offensive when his game plan -- or at least playing style if he doesn't have any sort of plan -- revolves mainly around hitting above average quality shot with some consistency.
This is the key to the whole thing. The pusher wins through consistency. They will rarely miss if given fairly simple balls. And few people will beat a pusher at the consistency game. Only a better pusher generally does that.

To beat a pusher, you need a consistent weapon and patience. The weapon doesn't have to be a 100mph crushing forehand or a super fancy weapon. It doesn't need to do crushing damage. It just needs to be something that puts the pusher in an uncomfortable situation.

If someone has problems hitting into the corner with pace, then slow it down. There's no need to hit it hard. The pusher has no weapons he can beat you with. Just hit the weapon shot, recover, and get ready to repeat.
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