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Originally Posted by Wuppy View Post
Still not sure why parents would send a kid to something like this. Hampers their education and the odds of going pro (and making a career out of it) are one in a zillion.

When I was a kid I played golf with a girl who was good enough to be on the boys' high school team. After college she won the Nancy Lopez award for best amateur woman golfer in the world. Then she injured herself in her second year on tour and retired. Now she sells flooring.
That is interesting question. I guess these are some possibilities:
1. The player is really gifted by nature. He is born for tennis. His results are some of the best in his age division in the country and he definitely needs to have a highly qualified tennis coach and fitness trainer. He and his family want to see him become top 10 in the world.
2. The player is pretty good. He likes to play tennis and has good results. Both he and you dream about a professional career.
3. The kid likes to play and asks you to send him to a tennis academy (actually he just wants to leave the house and his parents). He is a teenager and you are glad to send him away.
And here is always possibility for college tennis.
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