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Thanks, Chas.

I did read that weblink earlier. And yes, my major grouse is that the Casio FH100 is discontinued and it might be a little dodgy buying one on Fleabay. I'll hunt some more... Has any replacement been launched yet for the FH100 by Casio?

I would want to view it on a 16:9 widescreen HDTV and in slo-mo; mainly for groundstrokes and serves. 720p/120fps would be desirable, but I can live with 720p/60fps. A half-decent poor man's compromise to the FH100 seems to be the GoPro HD Hero2. The 720p/60fps slowed down to about 40% on the GoPro HD Hero2 seems ok; but I'd like to hear from somebody on this forum who has actually used this for tennis. As you rightly pointed out, I can't afford any 1080p camera which films in high-speed.
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