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Default Another win of connors over wilander

Originally Posted by timnz View Post
Apart from those 3 I listed - suntory cup and two at beaver creek, is there any others? It seems that connors only beat wilander at invitational tournaments, though i am sure they played hard. Perhaps in the semis of suntory or beaver creek in other years or the semis of some other invitational tournament? Historians?
1983 Newport Beach Tennis Club High Stakes (CA, USA) august, 3-7 (thaks Carlo Giovanni Colussi)

Connors bear Wilander in the semi finals 7-5 6-4

So that makes 4 wins connors had over wilander - all in invitational tournaments. All in the 1983 to 1986 period. Beaver creek 1983 and 1985, newport Beach 1983, suntory tokyo 1986 - all in straight sets interestingly.

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