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I was in a 4.5 tournament 2 weeks ago. My quarter final match was against a pusher. He actually hit the ball hard with underspin. the ball came low and fast...and skidded or stayed low. It was much faster than the heavier topspin players I am used to. Reduced my reaction time. He went up 3-0. I realized trying to hit my hard topspin forehands with these low fast balls created errors on my part. It was 98 degrees and about 110 on the court. I knew I had to change my game plan and make him work and wear him down.

I returned many of his low slices with slices of my own. Decided to move him up and back, as that wears you down much faster than side to side. So I would slice a drop shot and bring him up. Then I would lob or pass. I got it tied up at 4 all. He went on to win the first set 6-4. However, my plan was paying off as he was wearing down. I continued this through the first 3 games of the second. I was up 3-0 and he was winded. His slices no longer had the bite and became sitters that I was able to smack with heavy topspin. I won the second 6-1. At 3-0 in the third, he could not continue. It worked, just be patient.

Here was the results in the paper.

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