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Originally Posted by syke View Post
These are my Vapor 9s after 4 months.

these areas have totally gone bald.

the vapor 8s had way more rubber at the outer heel.

compare that to a new vapor 9

the rubber sole is almost gone

yes durability sucks, but the vapor 9s are the most comfy shoes around, especially the AO colorway. I prefer the mesh cloth material on the toe box.
4 months? Consider yourself lucky. I blew through my Vapor 9s in about 3-4 weeks. They felt great during that time but definitely not worth the money. If you start and stop quickly and/or slide at all on hard courts these shoes will be toast very quickly. I would never pay the ridiculous $130 for these shoes. Luckily I have my sources to get them at a "much" lower price. Even at the price I got them at I would be hesitant to get another pair. Actually, I don't think I will get another pair.

I have had much better luck with the Babolat Propulse 2s and 3s. They fit my foot really well and are ready to go right out of the box. The Propulse 2s can be had for $69 on TW and I think that's a great deal on those shoes.
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