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Originally Posted by BMC9670 View Post
I've had success with serve and volley with these guys. If you have even a decent serve, I find they don't have the topspin return to put it at your feet and are not that good hitting passing shot winners. I've done it on both first and second serves and find it's often more effective on the second if you can get it to kick up a bit.
I second this strategy. With pushers or guys that don't hit with much pace, you can ruin their consistency strategy by serving and volleying AND by returning and volleying. They can't hit slices to you at the baseline all day long if you're never at the baseline! Come into the net and angle off a volley or hit a drop volley they can't get to. Force them to have to pass you with pace. They will likely start making errors. But you'll also have to work on your overhead because most of these pushers have great lobs.
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