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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
Well if you want samples, all my videos were taken with my GoPro HD Hero (not the 2). 720p, 30fps.
(FYI, Greg G, after you have posted 50 replies you will be able to edit your replies. See the "edit" option.)

Your videos would improve by 60p, a larger image (with a fixed lens be careful you don't hit the camera), and direct sunlight outdoors (the AUTO might select a faster shutter speed).

Sample video Casio FH100 at 240 fps

Manual shutter probably 1/10,000 sec - stop frame and examine motion blur. Used the telephoto zoom lens to see stroke detail.

The best stop action that I have found for Vimeo or Youtube is to click the play-pause button as fast as possible.

There are also some Jello Effect Tests in my Vimeo videos.

The Casio also has 30-240 or 30-120 fps modes. The video records at 30 fps and then when the the trigger is hit again it switches to 240 fps. Standard and high speed video in the same video back & forth 30 to 240 to 30 to 240 fps........., etc..

My only interest so far has been high speed video for stroke analysis. If I wanted to video an entire match I'd use my Aiptek HD Action at 720 60p. It produces sharp pictures in sunlight - fast shutter low motion blur - but there is some minor Jello Effect. [Jello Effect increases with the number of pixels read out so that HD is likely to have more JE distortion in comparison to the reduced resolution cameras designed for high speed video performance.]

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