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If you ever want to get to higher levels in tennis, you have to get through these obstacles called pushers. They stand in your way, just to remind you, you are not the player, you think you are. Plus makes you realise how many holes are still in your game. I know it's frustrating. You just had a few lessons with your coach,who told you how great your topspin forehand looks, blah blah, etc.. and next day you will lose to a guy who just piddle paddle balls over the net, with no style or technique, clumsily holding his racket but gets just about every ball back. Of course, this will have to affect you mentally and eventually you fall apart. These type of players should be the reason why you want to improve your tennis and become more versatile player who can switch to plan b or c or d. Pushers have no plans apart from getting the ball back.
Think about it.
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