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Originally Posted by Tennisstringz View Post
You're talking about ten to fifteen years ago? It seemed a bit easier then. Better funded and less foreignors..... Did you get your first choice?Your child has a much better chance in tennis than football because he has a coach for a parent and he doesn t have to shell out $50 to $100 everytime he wants a lesson. Imagine erasing everytime you hit with your son or everytime he hit in your groups or with a connection you have... Now where is he in his tennis development?
I agree with the point that it is easier financially for a previous D1 tennis player to teach his own children tennis and maybe better chances to play and obtain college tennis scholarship(s).
Many posters and readers here pay for lessons so you're not alone.
I admired your dedication to your child(ren)'s tennis development and your many posts that certainly will make people think esp if their children are new to tennis. Having said that, we all need to make adjustments. You might think you've done everything (you could have) but when time for recruiting, college options might not be as planned.
Maybe starting with where will your child be happy at and what would work financially for you. The foreign student in another thread has to make some adjustment too. College recruiting/admission is just not easy.
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