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Originally Posted by guitarplayer View Post
I was in a 4.5 tournament 2 weeks ago. My quarter final match was against a pusher. He actually hit the ball hard with underspin. the ball came low and fast...and skidded or stayed low. It was much faster than the heavier topspin players I am used to. Reduced my reaction time. He went up 3-0. I realized trying to hit my hard topspin forehands with these low fast balls created errors on my part. It was 98 degrees and about 110 on the court. I knew I had to change my game plan and make him work and wear him down.

I returned many of his low slices with slices of my own. Decided to move him up and back, as that wears you down much faster than side to side. So I would slice a drop shot and bring him up. Then I would lob or pass. I got it tied up at 4 all. He went on to win the first set 6-4. However, my plan was paying off as he was wearing down. I continued this through the first 3 games of the second. I was up 3-0 and he was winded. His slices no longer had the bite and became sitters that I was able to smack with heavy topspin. I won the second 6-1. At 3-0 in the third, he could not continue. It worked, just be patient.

Here was the results in the paper.

I have a similar story to you. played a chap yesterday that does exclusive slices and push shots, with no pace. His slice spun sideways. Instead of the front to back strategy you used (he was very quick, and easily got to the ball), I would be patient and move him to his forehand side, then punish his backhand side whenever I had the window of opportunity. His backhand side was weak, the ball popping up in the air leaving me a short ball to come in and finish the point.

nice game Rodney!
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