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Originally Posted by crosscourt View Post
Reading reports of the trial it is quite difficult to see how the prosecution hoped to obtain a conviction. But the conduct of the players is appalling. Terry and Ferdinand should face disciplinary charges.
Yeah, i've been hearing that and it looks like it will happen. Someone said Terry could get between 8 and 12 matches, i'm just wondering what for exactly? All the camera's that caught him saying something were of him denying any racist insults. Whilst Ferdinand admitted to being abusive over Terry's personal life.

The latter happens in football, it's not very pleasant but I don't think little digs at opposing players in the heat of a match will ever stop. If they wanted to ban Ferdinand for that, but not all the other instances it goes on between players, I think he would be hard done by. Same for Terry getting a ban for being caught denying he said anything racist.

What do you think will happen with Rio after the tweet he made? It's been reported to the police, it seems we could be going through this whole trial all over again.
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