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Originally Posted by tball2day View Post
90K per year is the right number, assuming of course you get a full scholarship to a school that provides at that level. I wonder how many a year out of Bolitierri get fulls. Ya don't hear much about the players in college from there, just the ones that are trying to go pro. Weil use to publish who went where and how much they got, which I found to be a bit too much information for my taste, not sure if IMG has ever done that. But if you have the $ and want to do it, why not?
To get this a player (especially) a boy should be very competitive like 5 stars, top 200 ITF level, at least. And think if tennis 20+ hours a week in college will help him/her to be a good student.

Too many "coaches" with BA in Economics, Political Science, etc. work as coaches because they were not able to get a good job after college. Actually, this is one of a reason of bad situation in American tennis. Coaches have to coach not "economists".
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