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Originally Posted by Soianka View Post
None of the above.

Unless you are just sending the child to camp for fun rather than tennis development.

If it is for tennis development, you're better off spending the money on private lessons with a very good coach.
I cannot comment on the 2 camps OP asked. There are places that offer developmental camp which a kid works 1:1 with a specific coach as well. If you know somebody, you can request for a particular coach (which we did) who has a record of developing very good juniors or pros. For the group drills, your child will have a chance to hit with very good players that can be from anywhere in the US or even other countries.
If you choose a right camp with a right coach, it can help develop your player. It's not for everyone but in barringer97's case, he saves tons of money teaching his child all year so money spent for another coach/camp might be worth it.
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