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So I finally got to hit with the MPNG/CoFocus @ 59/50 b/c it's been raining every day here in Houston. I was able to play 2 sets, and rallied at the baseline for about 30 minutes.

I am comparing this setup with the Supra/Cofocus @ 54/50.

1) Appearance: MPNG is a bit drier than the Supra gut. I actually had to put baby lotion on the MPNG just to cinch down the knot.

2) Stringing: When tensioning, the MPNG gives much more than the Supra gut. MPNG is more elastic while Supra is firmer.

3) Power: Even at 59/50#, the MPNG is still a bit more powerful than the Supra at 54/50#. I'll probably need to string the MPNG/CoFocus next time @ 61/50.

4) Feel: The MPNG, to me, feels softer than the Supra setup. It is easier on the arm, but I must say that both setups are very soft. The Supra gives you more of a pocketing feel, and the ball coming off the racquet seems more consistent. That's not to say that MPNG is erratic. It plays extremely well, and at $15 for two half-sets, I would take that over any multi.

5) Spin: Both setups produce great spin, but certainly not as good as the Pacific Classic/CoFocus setup.

6) Volleys: Very similar b/t the two; lots of pop. What are usually defensive volleys can push opponents deep to the back of the court.

7) Serves: This is also the same b/t the two. Flat serves very powerful, and kick serves can produce wicked spin.

Durability: I've got about 10 hours on the Supra setup and the stringbed seems to have lost some tension. I can adjust my strokes to accommodate this change, but on defensive and reactive shots, balls tend to fly long. Time for a restring. The MPNG setup, ?

Hope this helps anyone who is using one and wants to try the other. Please keep in mind the difference in power b/t the two is with CoFocus at the same tension, 50#, in the cross.

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