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For me. my two go-to strings for good spin and decent control are BHB7 and Dunlop Juice. Dunlop Juice is a really nice string (IMO) that doesn't get a lot of mention... it is also very yellow (but that works with my racquet color too).

Pro Hurricane Tour is a great spinner, but really harsh. I use a very light racquet (Dunlop 500 Lite w/o lead) to generate as much racquet speed as I can, so harshness factors in for me even tho I have no elbow problems.

I hit a heavy topspin FH, topspin one hand BH, solid kicker 2nd serve and like to throw in drop shots regularily when I get people buried behind the baseline, so spin and control are important for me. I also string my own, so re-stringing every week-2 weeks is just something I do and I accept the cost.
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