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Originally Posted by Rob_C View Post
I'm starting to doubt the value of college preparation in a way. I'm not sure if guys are improving the way they're supposed to. I was at the ATP qualies in ATL and I watched Pasha & Taboada play. Their backhands both needed improvement, along with their volleys. Both missed really easy sitter volleys in the match.

Taboada especially had a noticeably weaker backhand.

Steve Johnson, IMO, had a weak backhand in college, I havent seen him play probably since last summer, but, whenever I did, he predominantly sliced the ball from that side, which is a dead giveaway.
But those guys weren't on the verge of becoming pros out of high school. They were both very good, highly regarded players, but they weren't even in a Kosaowski type situation. I also don't think that, at least Nacho, has any sort of serious professional aspirations, but that's just a guess. Can't really say that college doesn't work just based on that.

You also have to consider nerves, level of competition, and the way they practice compared to other professionals, but still.
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