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Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
Ask any parent of a college age student about work experience.
I am the parent of a college student and can attest to the fact that summer work experience is instrumental in securing a job.
But, why don't you do your own homework instead calling my comments " garbage".
Of course, you were one of the posters who said the same thing when I tried to tell folks about the 2014 changes before the March vote.
That also was garbage and a dirty secret when I tried to get folks to call their sectional office. Nice.
No one is debating internships. Your generalization and assumption is that tennis coaches with BA's in Economics were goofing off playing tennis in the summer and not interning. Thus, the reason they are tennis coaches.

On your other remark, that's not what happened. But you can try to throw out the distraction in the face of what you've said here.
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