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Originally Posted by timnz View Post
1983 Newport Beach Tennis Club High Stakes (CA, USA) august, 3-7 (thaks Carlo Giovanni Colussi)

Connors bear Wilander in the semi finals 7-5 6-4

So that makes 4 wins connors had over wilander - all in invitational tournaments. All in the 1983 to 1986 period. Beaver creek 1983 and 1985, newport Beach 1983, suntory tokyo 1986 - all in straight sets interestingly.
Connors always seemed to go at those "stakes" or invitational matches pretty wholeheartedly....$$$ on the line, I suppose! I know I saw one of those Beaver Creek matches and the Suntory match. Good stuff. I do think if Mats and Jimmy squared off more often, and maybe Jimmy a few years younger, they'd make quite a rivalry.
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