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Originally Posted by Bryton View Post
I'll be honest I never even thought of juice being a spin string! But, you're right... Not much mention at all
The TW product description:

There is plenty of spin generation to be found in this premium polyester string. It features a pentagonal outer profile that offers great durability.
◦Gauge: 17 / 1.26mm
◦Length: 40ft / 12.2m
◦Composition: Premium monofilament polyester
◦Color: Yellow

And of course it is subjective.... different swings, different racquets, different strengths, etc.... it works for me, as does BHB7.... but overall, I think I like the Juice a bit more. (In a heavier Becker racquet, the Pro Hurr Tour worked best for me. I switched to a lighter racquet to get more racquet speed, and of course that changed everything.)
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