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Originally Posted by tennisconsultcom View Post
To get this a player (especially) a boy should be very competitive like 5 stars, top 200 ITF level, at least. And think if tennis 20+ hours a week in college will help him/her to be a good student.

Too many "coaches" with BA in Economics, Political Science, etc. work as coaches because they were not able to get a good job after college. Actually, this is one of a reason of bad situation in American tennis. Coaches have to coach not "economists".
He started it by blaming "a reason of bad situation in American tennis" on "Too many "coaches" with BA in Economics, Political Science, etc". Said nothing about internships.

Pretty far fetched premise. I'd call it something else but for the sake of civility will not.

Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
On the money....

But, take it a step forward.
Why can't the young tennis man get a good job out of college even with their BA in Economics.
Besides, the fact that he doesn't have the same GPA as the kids who study all the time,
he is missing the summer work experience from high school and college.

So, while he was playing tournaments during the summer,
the other boy was interning for free during the high school summer, and then either working or interning again during the summer in college.
All those work experiences add up in this economy and lead to a job...

That is the dirty secret of playing tennis during the summer...
This entire post is assumptive.
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