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Originally Posted by The Wreck View Post
But those guys weren't on the verge of becoming pros out of high school. They were both very good, highly regarded players, but they weren't even in a Kosaowski type situation. I also don't think that, at least Nacho, has any sort of serious professional aspirations, but that's just a guess. Can't really say that college doesn't work just based on that.

You also have to consider nerves, level of competition, and the way they practice compared to other professionals, but still.
Wasnt saying they had pro aspirations, but, if college is supposed to improve your game, did they forget about the backhand?? Taboada's been in school for yrs, his backhand is still a liability. They had 4 yrs to fix it, what happened??

Originally Posted by floridatennisdude View Post
Andy Roddick had a weak backhand at 19. Still does now and still slices a lot. He stayed top 10 in the world for a decade. I don't judge a player off one aspect of their game.

Johnson is a tough player. He is head and shoulders better than any of the UGA guys you reference. Not even comparable.
Wasnt comparing Johnson to either guys I mentioned, except for the fact that they have noticeably weaker backhands.

It's been awhile since Roddick turned pro, but if I remember correctly, he didnt slice that much yrs ago. I think he started doing it more to get over the Federer hump.

Roddick also has that huge serve, dont forget.
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