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Default twintube radical mp

Hello there, I sent you a message today but it bounced back for some reason. Got two fine Head Radical Tour Twintube MPs for sale or trade:

Head Radical Tour Twintube MP (original paintjob - zebra) 9/10 L3 strung with Wilson Sensation 16 (natural) @60lbs. It is in great shape, absolutely no paint chips or cracks. Stringjob still in playable condition but not perfect.

Head Radical Tour Twintube MP (custom paintjob - blacked out) 9.5/10 L2 strung with MSV Focus Hex 17 (red) @55lbs. It looks mint and has a new stringjob, hit with it only once. The glossy black finish looks excellent, the frame is marked TK57A-4 on the handle under the pallet.

Let me know please if still interested so I can send you some pictures.

I hope to hear from you -
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