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Originally Posted by 15_ounce View Post
That Babolat racquet of his is just wild and less controllable. He played better with that old Wilson racquet.. (was it K Blade..) I reckon he would play well with Wilson Pro Staff 95 sq in.
I agree, I think his play just looked better, more controlled and measured, with his old Wilson racquet. Yes, he's been very successful in recent years with the APDGT, but how do we know that is because of the racquet, rather than in spite of it? I've been puzzled by his racquet choice ever since he switched, I mean, a APDGT may suit a noob pusher like nadal, but for an aggressive player like Tsonga who already has tons of power?

I think it worked very well for him on clay this year against Djokovic, but for his all-round game I think a Wilson suited him better. His game just looked wild in the semis against Murray this Wimbledon, and the racquet just looked kind of oversized for him.
'Beating a non-top 30 player. Big deal. Congratulations *******s, but no, he is still not gonna make it to the SF.' -GodNovak on Wimbledon 2012

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