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Originally Posted by coolblue123 View Post
btw, Aldi is majority owner of TJ's.

But Aldi's is awesome too. I get alot of my dried goods there. I saw from a documentary somewhere that even Walmart can not compete with Aldi's prices. I noticed this too especially with their milk and eggs. According to the manager there, they have some service that goes and scout the area stores for prices and make it down 10 cents lower. This gets the crowds in and hopefully buy their products.
Only thing that sucks: cash only. Since my county is now charging for plastic bags, bringing bags is a must now too. btw, their frozen whole chicken fryers aren't bad either. I believe it's like 79c/lb.
Aldi's prices are so cheap because they have very low operating costs. They have nothing but a couple cashiers and a stock person. No cart people, bag people, no bags, creditcard fees etc.

In NYC when I'm not eating out which is not very often I usually buy my stuff at locally specialized stores(fish market/meat markets/cheese shop etc)

I'm originally from Western, NY the home of the great Wegmans. It's probably the only supermarket I will ever regularly frequent.

I can't stand Walmart. The customer service is god awful, the lines are ridiculous, the employees are "slow", and the people that shop there are less than desirable. I'll pay the extra few cents and go somewhere else.
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