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Originally Posted by Eph View Post
Heh. Gotta stick to the list!

Trader Joe's is no less of a zoo than Costco (in the Boston area). The Waltham Costco is not bad, compared to Trader Joe's or Whole Foods in Cambridge (Alweife area)

The beef at Costco is some of the best in America.

Has anyone seen the CNBC Costco documentary? Very interesting....
No sticking to the list with my wife.

I've been lucky enough to live within walking distance to TJ's and good farmers markets over the last few years. Being in California, we have access to good, cheap local produce year round. My wife also has a high school friend that does the "organic deliver to your home" produce box thing, so we're covered on fruits/veggies.

Large shopping centers have always depressed me. Not sure what it is but Wal-mart, Costco, even shopping malls just make me blue. So does Vegas. Maybe it's the bright lights and rush of people or maybe I just prefer being outside.
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