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Originally Posted by TheMagicianOfPrecision View Post
On clay, that is. On HC its a different ballgame. Also pray that Nadal isnt drawn against Fed in the USO
No, I'm praying that Nadal IS drawn against Federer at the US Open. Nadal leads the slam H2H 8-2 and 2-0 in HC slams. If Nadal lost, it'd be only the second slam in which Federer gained a victory over Nadal, the slam H2H would be 8-3 in favour of Nadal, and the HC slam H2H would still be 2-1 in favour of Nadal. A Federer victory would mean nothing. A Nadal victory on the other hand would mean that Federer would have lost to Nadal at every slam (and if they meet in the final, Nadal would have beaten him in the final of every grand slam), giving Nadal a stunning 9-2 slam H2H and an utterly dominant 3-0 HC slam H2H.

Nadal has nothing to lose by facing Federer at the US Open.
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