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Has anyone else purchased a redondo mid in the past year?
I recently switched from mg prestige mid in april and initially purchased one redondo mid from a local shop with out demoing. He said he had to order it directly from PK in California (for all I know he ordered it from TW). When I got the racquet it weighed out to 362g strung static, and I calculated the swing weight out to about 343g. This was actually a good thing as it saved me from having to add weight as I was expecting to have to do. I fell in love at first hit and decided to make the change. I warily purchased a second one from TW and thankfully it came out about the same as the first(364g static, roughly same balance point).
So what I was wondering is if all the mids are in this same ball park and the specs are just wrong on the site or was I just extremely fortunate to get two stick this far from the norm as I am interested in purchasing more.
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