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Originally Posted by Fee View Post
I try to keep my trips to WalMart (owners of Sam's Club) to an absolute minimum. It disgusts me that they keep the majority of their workers at less than 32 hours and teach them how to apply for food stamps and other public benefits in every city they operate in, cities that already gave them subsidies to build their stores in the first place. One of the richest corporations in the US refuses to pay their workers a livable wage with benefits and adds people to the welfare rolls. Pretty disgusting.
I havent been in a Wal-Mart since 2006.

I love how they build in a city that hands them tax breaks, the guy trying to keep his hardware business afloat still has to pay his 5k annual tax and the city will give Wal mart a 3year tax free deal. Once the tax free deal is over they build a Super Wal-Mart 100ft outside the city limits as to not pay any tax.

With Costco I read that they actually own every plot of land the stores sit on and they will not mark thier product up higher than 14% of cost.

The kicker for me was the girl who got raped in the parking lot under neath a securty camera and they found that all security camers were all poited into employee parking lots becuase Wal mart fires anyone on the spot if they suspect any possible unionizing. I think Gemany is the only countyr where Wal mart empyoees are actual union workers. Not suprisingly they are the only workers who consistently say they are happy to work for them.
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