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Originally Posted by cmb View Post
^^not sure whats so sad about it. Young has proven he can be in the top 40. But he is lazy and undisciplined...and never had the ball striking to be a serious contender for the top 10 anyway.

hes another top 100 player, if he gets on a hot streak he can be near 30, the top 15-10 is another level mentally...young doesnt have it
I just think its sad that his parents never let him fly the coop. He is 2-17 in 2012 after ending 2011 on some up notes. If there was ever a time to turn him over to someone, it was after the USO. He missed a big opportunity to step up his game and tackle some of the big boys.

Not to take anything away from Steve. It is a solid win for Johnson this early in his tour career. Some good prize money and ranking points are going to be coming his way. Hope he does well tomorrow in another highly anticipated matchup...Jack Sock.
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