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Originally Posted by colan5934 View Post
I find it funny that you view Nadal as a pusher. I'm not a ******* by any means, but if you've ever watched him play--in person, this is much more evident--he goes after the ball ferociously. He does use a lot of spin, but he hits the ball SO HARD. He uses angles and moves his opponent around until he can find an opening to hit a winner. His aggressiveness comes from his tactics. He does not bully the ball around the court like Tsonga does (not taking away from Jo's game at all). It's not "pushing" if your opponent is constantly on the defensive.
lol I was just kidding, I admire Nadal really, though I do think that racquet suits his very specific game

Just courting controversy as usual
'Beating a non-top 30 player. Big deal. Congratulations *******s, but no, he is still not gonna make it to the SF.' -GodNovak on Wimbledon 2012
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