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Originally Posted by BigServer1 View Post
One of my favorite tennis clips of all time. Those guys were playing ping pong in that clip.
agreed, a couple rallies were really good, fast paced baseline play.
Originally Posted by red rook View Post
This angle is by far the more interesting and to me, more valuable to someone who actually plays the game. The other angle you can't pick up as much. Putting the camera in a satellite is like when I watch golf, and after the player hits the ball, the camera zooms into the ball and tries to keep it in frame. I can't tell the ball flight from that haha
yeah, from the higher angles, you can kind of tell when players put more air under the ball and when they flatten it out. this angle however, you can really tell how much air they put under the ball when the spin it deep compared to how flat they are when they go for winners.
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