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I received a test set of the Still in Black Protect 1.23 co-poly string. I strung it up last friday. Coming off the stringer, it showed 48lbs (had my lockout set for 50). Played 3 sets Saturday morning and afterwards it was down to 46. I strung it as a hybrid with Forten Sweet 17 in the cross. My last few racquets had Rpm Blast/VS and PHT/Generic nat gut strung at 55/53. My impression was the Still in Black was quite underpowered comparatively. Control was okay as well as access to spin. I usually hit a topspin forehand with a slice OHBH. I think the other two produced better all around. I had more balls sailing on me and didn't have as much touch. However i did ask my friend who was playing with me whether my serves had the same kick. He said it's no worse than normal. I didn't feel any shoulder pain (having come back from a separated shoulder) after which was good. I'm playing with a Dunlop Bio 500. I'll give the strings another go this weekend to see if they've settled anymore and if they feel any better/different.
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