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The Dunlop Bio M3.0 Tennis Racket is designed for players with a medium swing speed, who are looking for a great balance of power and control. The fully re-engineered frame shape features a 15% rounder, more eliptical head shape than previous models, resulting in a larger sweet spot. The hybrid power properties of an oval in the head section combined with the stability and comfort of a box section in the shaft portion, help to provide more power than previous models still with added control. The M.30 Dunlop tennis racket also features Pocket Grommets and a more aerodynamic cross section in the racket hoop, decreasing the drag and ultimately allowing for a faster racket head speed.

• Construction: Premium Graphite / Biofibre
• Swing style: Medium / Moderate
• Length: 27 inchs
• Unstrung Weight: 298g
• Head-size: 98sq cm
• Stiffness/RA: 66
• Balance: 320mm
• Beam width: 22mm
• String Pattern: 16x19
• String type: Dunlop silk
• String tension: 52-62lbs / 23-28kgs
• Grip: Dunlop Viper Dry
• Head cover type: Full

MoS2 Grommets - Inspired by the wear resistant self lubricating properties of snake skin, MoS2 is a revolutionary new polymer featuring a microscopic lubricant. This increases grommet durability by 40% and reduces string friction by 27% , delivering more string movement for enhanced power & spin.
BioFibre - Stronger than steel and lighter than Carbon, Dunlop has extracted the stem fibres from plants and woven them into the shaft of the racket. On impact this natural fibrous structure actively filters shockwaves by 18% to provide a cleaner more solid hit.
AEROSKIN CX - Inspired by the textured skin of sharks and engineered in a wind tunnel, Aeroskin Cx smooth's turbulent air, reducing drag by up to 36% providing greater racket head speed.
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