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right guys i played with YPTS fullbed in my 2012 PD

had a good hour and a half hitting with this in doubles/singles

i strung this at 52/50 and for the first few hits it seemed very underpowered but loads and loads of spin,i even added 4grams @12 of bluetack to help with a bit more power to hit the baseline as my shots were dropping well short and ended up being sitting ducks!!!!!

after an hour i started to hit better and better with this string,power was a lot lot better so i removed the bluetack and the power was just how i liked it,not to much and not one shot flew long as the spin i added dropped them in like dive bombers lol

1st serve was ok but lacked power, but the second serve (kick serve) was very good so am happy enough.

FH/BH topspin were great and as said they dropped into the court like dive bombers.

volleys/drop shots-now this is where this setup blew my mind,so much control on the volleys and the drop shots were killers,ive never played so well at the net and killed a point so quick.

comfort-well for a full poly what can i say,i suffer from TE/GE and wear a strap and not once did i feel any after effects,i no the strap helps but i felt nothing and again for a full bed of poly it was great.

im back on court (weather pending) thursday for a 2 hour hitting practice so i will add to my post if there,s any major issues,im very impressed so far so fingers crossed.

cheers garry

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