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Originally Posted by Tcbtennis View Post
You sound as though you are an involved and engaged parent. You know what is best for your child. There is absolutely nothing wrong with stating reasonable goals for your child. Children do not come out of the womb knowing what is best for them. That is why they have parents. Unfortunately some children have crappy parents and these children will most likely end up having crappy lives. Children are more appreciative of parents who have structure and goals as opposed to permissive parents that just go with the flow.
But you have to let the kid choose their goals in their activities. A parents job is to provide opportunities and support the kid in pursuit of their goal. Not to drive them to goals that the parents choose.

Now, if gameboy's daughter wants to be a top 20 HS player in her area, state, etc...good for her. But, what if she doesn't really like tennis a lot and just likes being with her friends at the clinic. Isn't that great too?
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